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Hanoi, Vietnam 🇻🇳

Chun's art is all about changing the game. He doesn't stick to the old-school painting style. Instead, he mixes it up by using textiles in a unique way, making art that plays with your mind, moving between 2D and 3D. He's all about mixing and matching, using leftover fabrics and fancy embroidery to break down the barriers between factory-made and handmade. His art pieces are like secret coded messages that grab your attention and make you see things differently. He blends elements of art history with digital and old-school media. His art is super personal, filled with stuff from his childhood, wild dreams, and even nightmares, making us see and feel in new ways.

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Shoulder Bag (Black)

Artist: Chun
Made To Order

Shoulder Bag (Brown)

Artist: Chun
Made To Order
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