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Shawl Cardigan

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Shawl Cardigan

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Hand-knit cardigan with a shawl collar and adjustable drawstrings at the back. Includes long sleeves with thumb holes. Embellished with recycled mohair yarn.

A one-of-one handmade piece. 

Fits best on a size small.


Made of baby suri alpaca, mulberry silk, sari silk, merino wool, and mohair.

Care Guide

Soak in cold or lukewarm water with gentle soap. Once 10 minutes have elapsed, hand wash the garment softly to agitate the soap into the fibres. Rinse thoroughly, and wring out water by squeezing lightly. Lay flat to dry on a towel to absorb excess water. If knitwear begins to felt over time, softly tug across the garment to release the fibres and help them return to their original state. Fold knit garments instead of hanging it, as the hanger can alter its size and shape.

About This Brand


Sweeven is a knitwear and fiber project which delves into the interplay of femininity, harmony with one’s environment, and the intergenerational transmission of traditional crafts, highlighting the contrast between past and future practices. The brand emphasizes the revival of rudimentary historical techniques such as knitting, crochet, felting, weaving, and hand sewing, portraying these practices as vital through the exchange of ideas within traditional community structures, alongside the role of nature in providing the necessary resources. 

As a material driven project, Sweeven values sustainability, both in the way the fibres are sourced, and in the way the products are made. The brand contributes to the current resurgence in historical crafts by providing a slow fashion alternative that employs techniques which have historically and continue to bring communities together. Moreover, Sweeven highlights the importance of preserving tangible legacies, reflecting on the pivotal role women play in maintaining these traditions across generations. Originally from the countryside, Sweeven seeks to rediscover harmony with one’s environment and find beauty through the natural materials available to us. This in turn helps build confidence and highlight the wearer’s beauty while speaking to their values. 


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