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Ruffled Shirt

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Ruffled Shirt

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Wool/Cotton mix shirt with adjustable drawstring hem in front, back and sleeves white, brown deadstock wool/cotton rib blend. 


Cotton and deadstock wool blend

About This Brand


SABOT wants to focus on socially and environmentally sustainable work processes and thereby continue to create all our garments locally and handmade.

In SABOT we create garments for creatures. As a technological extension of bodies it aims to celebrate our ways of negotiating visual expressions in social space. In the 17th century French technology critics called ludittes, sabotaged the production plants of novel industrial machinery by throwing their wooden clogs into the gears until they stopped turning. Sabot means clog in French and thereby derives the word sabotage. By creating garments ourselves and support small local textile businesses we reclaim the power to express ourselves beyond the turning machinery of big-
fashion industries.


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