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Disco Cry

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Marianna Serocka
Marianna Serocka

Disco Cry

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Every girl knows this, all these Saturday nights that stretch until dawn and cannot end. Coming back home with a hangover, broken heart and a strange guy on top of that. “Disco Cry” is an account of one of these nights that leave memories you’d rather not have.

Marianna wittily uses 240 pieces of paper as a means to explore her fondness for ornaments. Impatient drawings and wild colours, increasingly intense as the night progresses, reach a climax at the end of the story.

An amusing read that will calm your conscience after a sleepless night. Just beware of men in crocodile shoes.

Soft cover.

About This Brand

Marianna Serocka

A Polish visual artist based in Gdańsk, draws inspiration from the enchanting realms of naive and folk art, blending these influences seamlessly into her contemporary creations. Her work reflects a harmonious fusion of traditional techniques, celebrating the simplicity and heartfelt expression found in these artistic traditions. Additionally, she pays homage to the timeless mastery of old painting traditions, infusing her art with a classical elegance that brings the past to life with a modern twist. Through her unique lens, she crafts a narrative that bridges the past and present, inviting viewers into a world where timeless themes resonate with a touch of classical grace.


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